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Law firm’s data destruction decision

04 Jan 2008

Law firm’s data destruction decision

Manchester law firm Pannone LLP is to utilise the services of specialist on-site data destruction company, Cheshire based, Greenworld Electronics for the removal and disposal of its computer equipment.
Said Dave Griffiths, Head of Pannone’s IT department, “We undertook a full review of our disposal policy and were impressed with what Greenworld offered. We had a number of equally important criteria, firstly to provide the most effective method of data destruction and  computer disposal in order to ensure total security for our clients, secondly to do this in the most environmentally responsible manner possible and finally of course to comply with all relevant legislation regarding disposal of electronic equipment. Greenworld ticked all the boxes and provides us with an industry leading service that keeps us at the forefront of best practice in this area of activity.”
Problem eradicated
On-site secure data destruction is a major feature of Greenworld’s work which claims to be the only company in Europe to offer their complete service. Says the company’s Managing Director, David Aitken, “Any off-site data destruction service has huge inherent dangers. Three hundred pages of potentially sensitive information can be retrieved from just an inch of hard drive if data is not correctly destroyed. Equipment gets lost and tampered with whilst in-transit, but by undertaking data destruction on-site, to strict government security standards, this problem is eradicated.”
Data theft and destruction is currently in the headlines after a number of high profile incidents, including HM Revenue & Customs loss of the personal records of 25 million people in relation to the payment of child benefit and now a nationally known gym, Fitness First for Women has been found to have binned the personal details of over a thousand members.
Both will face the prospect of criminal prosecution, unlimited fines and significant compensation claims under breach of the Data Protection Act.
Commented Dave Griffith from Pannone finally, “A group of MP’s has even suggested that officials in both the public and private sectors should face prosecution if they put people’s data security at risk through carelessness. If data destruction is not carried out correctly, important records and information could fall in to the wrong hands. This could be construed as carelessness, which makes it all the more important to ensure procedures are faultless in this area of operation.”

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