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Asset tracking, auditing, reporting

For complete data destruction and asset disposal integrity, it is imperative to show comprehensive asset life-cycle tracking. End-to-end on site asset and data destruction management is a fundamental part of the GreenWorld service. 
Our proprietary Secure Asset Management System, SAM, offers full transparency and securely manages the entire data destruction and electronic equipment asset disposal process, including:

  • A full audit trail showing each stage of your equipment disposal process, from on-site asset sign-over to ultimate disposal.
  • Assurance that all data has been destroyed on site to stringent government security standards.
  • Complete on-site individual data destruction certification providing unparalleled auditability before assets leave your premises.
  • An itemised report providing a clear picture of the value of your re-marketed assets – allowing you to maximize and monitor your return.

Find out more about SAM and GreenWorld’s asset management process.